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National Alliance of HUD Tenants

A multi-cultural, tenant-controlled alliance of tenant organizations in privately-owned, multifamily HUD-assisted housing. Hundreds of tenant associations representing thousands of tenants in every region of the country are already involved, working together to:

Preserve affordable housing - Protect tenants' rights -
Promote tenant ownership and control

National Alliance of HUD Tenants

Save Our Homes Conference
June 20th - 23rd, 2015
Washington DC

Join us at the 21st annual Save our Homes Conference in Washington DC this June!

  • June 20th: Registration and evening reception

  • June 21st/22nd: Tenant-Run Workshops - learn how to run an effective tenant group!

  • June 23rd: Lobby Day - meet with top official from HUD and take the message to Congress!

Contact 617-522-4523 for more information


10 Thomas Circle NW
Washington, DC 20005

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Conference Registration Form


“Have a Heart, No More Cuts” Actions
Valentine's Day 2013 Report

The “Have a Heart” campaign demanding “No More Cuts, Tax the 1%, Redirect Pentagon Spending, Invest in Jobs” was initiated by the National Alliance of HUD Tenants (NAHT), a national tenant-led organization working since 1992 to preserve affordable housing and protect tenants' rights, and local NAHT affiliates and allies in 14 cities. NAHT invited allies in community, peace and labor organizations to join in the local actions listed below.

Click here to find Action Day Report with local links for YOUR area


Budget for All Referendum

The Federal Budget: What Does it Mean to You? And What Can You Do About It?

Listen to Michael Kane and Molly Hannon on Free School University Radio
discuss the Budget for All Referendum Campaign

Click here for more information

Budget for All

In November 2012, Massachusetts voters voted overwhelmingly to support a progressive alternative approach to the federal budget, similar to the platform proposed by the Congressional Progressive Caucus "Budget for All" proposed by the CPC in 2012. The measure passed by a 3 to 1 margin in each of the 91 cities and towns where it appeared on the ballot, in 1/3 of the state, including all of Greater Boston. It sends a powerful anti-austerity message to Washington to take these principles into account, when addressing the federal deficit and budget.

NAHT's local affiliate, the Mass Alliance of HUD Tenants, helped initiate and pass the referendum in a coalition with other community, peace and labor organizations. MAHT helps coordinate the Budget for All Campaign in Massachusetts, which has continued to demonstrate and organize in support of these principles.

The Referendum urged Congress and the President, when addressing the federal budget and deficit, to: "Prevent cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans benefits, and housing, food and unemployment  assistance; Create and protect jobs by investing in manufacturing, schools, housing, renewable energy, transportation  and other public services; Provide new revenues for these purposes and to reduce the long-term federal deficit by closing corporate tax loopholes, ending offshore tax havens, and raising taxes on incomes over  $250,000; and Redirect military spending to these domestic needs by reducing the military budget, ending the Afghanistan war and bringing U.S. troops home safely now."

Go to the Budget for ALL Referendum Campaign website for more information.


NAHT Wins Legislation to Save At Risk Housing in HUD Appropriations Bill for 2012!

The Final Fiscal Year 2012 HUD Appropriations Bill includes two important amendments sought by NAHT in the past year.

Fresh in the wake of NAHT”s successful “Have a Heart, Save Our Homes” campaign in early 2011 (see below), Congress fully funded Project Based Section 8 for FY 2012 and mostly funded Public Housing Operating budgets and Section 8 Vouchers as well.   However, NAHT’s ally, the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, has concluded that Section 8 Vouchers will be underfunded by $100 million, potentially displacing several thousand tenants, and there are deep cuts to the Public Housing Capital Fund, which pays for repairs in Public Housing. 

NAHT Board members and local affiliates won these two key provisions in 2012 Appropriations bill


VICTORY! HUD Tenants and Allies Rally Nationally To Stop Drastic Cuts to
Section 8 & Public Housing for the FY2011 Budget!

Tenants Across the Country Tell Congress to “Have a Heart—Save Our Homes!" Our coordinated actions worked!  After the Senate passed its version of the budget, and the House and Senate worked together to create and approve a final budget, the cuts to the HUD budget were minimal. Read the full story here.


Click here for Summary Report of the campaign and links to media aricles

Press Release: Have a Heart Press Kit