NAHT supporter Glyn Robbins at Busboys and Poets Takoma

Pno_place.jpeglease join Busboys and Poets Books as they welcome author and long time NAHT conference attendee Glyn Robbins of Defend Council Housings in the U.K. to Takoma to discuss his new book There's No Place: The American Housing Crisis and What It Means for the UK." If you are in the D.C. area please show your support by attending this event.

There's No Place was released on 16th June, two days after the appalling - and preventable - Grenfell Tower disaster. The book comes at a critical moment for the future of housing in the US and UK. The election of Donald Trump makes a property developer "the most powerful man in the world". For Americans with low-incomes, the limited help to keep a home they can afford is at risk. In the UK, housing is at a crossroads between a revival of non-market housing or letting the market rip, a choice made more stark by Grenfell. There's No Place tells the story of resistance and struggle at local level through the voices of those fighting to save their homes. Each chapter covers a different aspect of the trans-Atlantic housing crisis based on detailed field research and interviews in Boston, New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, New Orleans, Atlanta and Washington DC.

You all may have heard about long time affordable housing advocate, NAHT member, and board present Charlotte Delgado passing away recently. Glyn, who knew Charlotte was kind enough to post a tribute to her on his website which can be viewed here

There's No Place - The American housing crisis and what it means for the UK: Book by Glyn Robbins

Gyn_Robbins.jpgGlyn Robbins is a London (UK) - based housing worker and campaigner.  His articles about housing and urban policy appear regularly in the labour movement and housing press and have also been published by The Guardian.  Glyn is an active trade unionist and socialist and has a PhD in urban policy.  This is his first book. 

Glyn is a memeber of Defend Council Housing in the UK which is NAHT's sister organization. HE has been been attending the NAHT conference for more than a decade and NAHT was excited to launch the book at this years 25th anniversary conference. In the book it highlights NAHT affiliates and leaders like Charlotte Delgado. He really tells our story-NAHT's Story!

Half of the proceeds will go to NAHT. To purchase the book you can go here or 

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NAHT wins Fact Sheet from HUD on Tenants Right to Remain!

Another NAHT victory!   HUD has published the special Fact Sheet which Public Housing Agencies will now be required to issue to tenants when owners convert to Enhanced Vouchers.  As sought by NAHT, the Fact Sheet emphasizes tenants’ Right to Remain in the property, as long as they are compliant with the lease and the building remains rental housing.

Click here for HUD's new brochure.   It is also available in 13 languages.

At HUD’s request, a Special NAHT Task Force of tenant leaders, VISTA Volunteers and staff organizers reviewed HUD’s draft and offered recommendations in August 2016.  Much of our recommendations made it in!   Among other things, this is a major accomplishment of NAHT”s VISTA Volunteer project with Equal Justice Works.  
Thanks again to Jenny Tang from the Museum Square Tenants Association and New York City tenant leaders who pressed HUD at the June 2016 NAHT Conference, to do something to protect tenants Right to Remain!    Former HUD HQ official Amy Ginger gave a preview of the Fact Sheet, in her visit to Museum Square last October.   
Tenant leaders and organizers facing Enhanced Voucher conversions should make sure that the new Fact Sheet is distributed by local Housing Authorities and owners at their buildings.  
When we fight, we win!  

Stop the Budget Cuts!

Read up on the newest released statement from NAHT about how we need to save our homes and stop the Administration's Budget Cuts!

Campaign for Housing and Community Development Funding Releases New Report Highlighting Affordable Housing

Earlier this week, the Campaign for Housing and Community Development Funding (CHCDF) released a new report highlighting how federal investments in affordable housing and community development have a positive impact on low income households and the U.S. economy.  

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MLK day at Faneuil Hall

MLK.jpgOn Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I went to Faneuil Hall in Boston for a “Day of Service,” organized by the City of Boston and the Museum of African American History in honor of Dr. King. I came half an hour early, and found a seat to the left side of the stage, next to rows of chairs that had been set up for the Boston Symphony Youth Orchestra. The seats around me filled, and then the balconies. A girl no older than three sat beside me with her mother, and a group of elderly black women, holding fancy hats on their laps, sat in the row of seats facing the orchestra. At 1pm, Dr. Lee Pelton, the first black president of Emerson College, tall and elegant, took the podium and began the ceremony.

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MLK Weekend

On Saturday January 14, 2017 I participated in the MLK Day of Learning: Courageous Conversations on Racism at the Untied Parish in Brookline Massachusetts put on by City Mission. It was a day filled with conversation on race and how to address racism. After opening remarks from various pastors and City Mission Executive Director Reverend June Cooper, children 7-13 years of age participated in an arts and crafts activity decorating quilt squares depicting what race meant to them. The adults and children 14 and up were put in groups and various topics around race were discussed. Some topics that came up were how racism affects children, how different parts of the country react to racism, and where to go from here as far as eradicating racism. Because there was a diverse group of people as far as race and gender, there were a lot of great ideas and stories shared. At the end everyone came back together and shared a piece of what each group talked about. The children shared their quilt squares and sang some songs. The day ended with lunch and continued conversations on race.

On Monday January 16, 2017 I participated in the Many Helping Hands 7th Annual Cambridge Martin Luther King Day of Service. There were three separate locations organizing a variety of activities around Central Square Cambridge. I participated in sewing fleece scarves and blankets for homeless children and adults at the Central Square YWCA. All the blankets were designed by children and sewn by about 8 different people on sewing machines including myself and some were hand sewn by the children designers. Throughout the 3 hour event we sewed as many as we could and unfinished items were brought to a volunteer’s home were they could be picked up to be sewn at home and dropped back off.