AmeriCorps Week 2017


During AmeriCorps Week 2017, we here at NAHT will be honoring the individuals that have helped not only our organization and it's cause but also those 80,000 Americans who make contributions to their communities and the service of more than 1 million AmeriCorps alumni.

We will be showing off our volunteers, the work they have done, and the works of all AmeriCorps throughout this week.

"Beyond showing appreciation for AmeriCorps members, one of our main goals for the week is to increase overall awareness of the valuable contributions they make to communities and our country. So this is the time we go all out to thank our members and get others to thank them too (think proclamations, editorials, and blogposts), share our impact, and show our “A.” We also want to have some fun, because after all, service is hard work ... and a little fun keeps us motivated. This year, AmeriCorps Week will be celebrated across the country on March 4-11, 2017. 

AmeriCorps Week is a time to salute AmeriCorps members and alums for their service, thank AmeriCorps community partners, and communicate AmeriCorps impact on communities and on the lives of those who serve."