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National Alliance of HUD Tenants

A multi-cultural, tenant-controlled alliance of tenant organizations in privately-owned, multifamily HUD-assisted housing. Hundreds of tenant associations representing thousands of tenants in every region of the country are already involved, working together to:

Preserve affordable housing * Protect tenants' rights * Promote tenant ownership and control


Tenants formed NAHT because we realized that if we wanted to speak for ourselves on a national level, we needed our own national organization. Founded in 1991, NAHT is the first national membership organization of resident groups. NAHT connects most of the organized HUD tenant groups across the country, including as many as 46 active local HUD tenant coalitions or organizing projects in as many as 30 states, and provides an organized forum for them to share ideas and information.


Since its inception, NAHT has pursued a four-part strategy to win tenant-friendly HUD policies and improvements to housing preservation and disposition laws; the “Save Our Homes Campaign”, establishment and institutionalization of tenant's Right To Organize, the “ Organize the Unorganized” campaign, and Access & Reform at HUD. Some have been groundbreaking accomplishments especially in reference to HUD and its policies. Through NAHT, tenants have proven that united action can mount an effective campaign to save people’s homes. NAHT's history is best told through its long list of accomplishments.